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Components of a Promotional Compendium

Tuesday, 27 February 2018 9:52:10 AM Australia/Sydney

These days it's more important than ever to be organised and in control of your work day. What better way to get a corporate individual organised than the presentation of a complete compendium? A promotional compendium is perfect to store all necessary documents and stationery items to help make it easier for professionals to be organised.

Components of a Promotional Compendium

A compendium is an excellent gift of choice as it is far from boring and in the office, a gift that is in line with most people’s daily priorities and requirements. So what exactly does a standard compendium contain? Well, depending on the profession, the contents of a compendium is usually the same. The most difference being in the material used for the compendium cover.

What Is Inside a Branded Compendium?

A standard compendium in the corporate world consists of the compendium cover, a book or set of books, and pens. At times, compendiums can be advanced and have calculators, rulers, business card and accessory holders. Nowadays, there are compendiums...

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Giving Compendiums as Custom Staff Gifts

Tuesday, 23 January 2018 12:12:13 PM Australia/Sydney

In the workplace, progress is a must. To have progress, there must be a motivated staff serving at the forefront. Motivation can be achieved in many ways including a substantial salary. What if we were to present you with a better way of motivating your staff members? We have compiled some exciting compendiums that will be appreciated by whoever receives them as a gift. But first, here is why it is good to give compendiums to your staff as gifts

  • These are easier to carry and can help eliminate the use of briefcases and oversized handbags
  • Uniform compendiums can easily become recognisable office uniform
  • We offer you premium products with different price tags
  • Giving out compendiums means you value your staff so much such that you’re giving them a present that can be used on a regular basis.

Buying Promotional Staff Compendiums

Corporate Gift Compendiums

Take a look at these suggestions taken from a comprehensive list of high-profile products.

1.      Leather promotional compendiums

Made out of pure leather, compendiums in...

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