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Why Compendiums Are the Best Corporate Gifts

Friday, 24 May 2019 10:00:20 AM Australia/Sydney

Have you ever found it difficult to take notes or organise your thoughts during the day/week? Working in a busy office can be disorienting and notes are easily misplaced or lost. Our sleek promotional compendiums offer you a simple way of always keeping information in one succinct place. Here are the reasons why compendiums are useful and serve as a great corporate gift.

Promotional Compendium as Corporate Gifts

Detach Yourself from Technology

With the prominence of technological services, it is great to fall back on the simplicity of free handwriting. As much as technology is useful, it is often predictive of your thoughts and habits, taking away your ability to rationally think. In this modern era, writing by hand has become a thing of the past but our compendiums aim to change this by disconnecting you from the constant distractions on the computer.

Organisation and Clarity

Clarity is crucial when taking notes, so, by limiting yourself to just your compendium and a pen, you will be able to effectively compile your thoughts. A p...

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Posted By Jakub

2019 Compendium Comeback

Wednesday, 27 March 2019 12:49:45 PM Australia/Sydney

What is a compendium?

What, at first, looks like a jazzed-up notebook has much more behind its title. The name originated from collections of knowledge often published by a specialist on a single subject. Now, compendium usually refers to these handy gadgets used to store both a group of your knowledge and a collection of tools to help you day-to-day.

Technology versus the compendium

In a world that seems increasingly disorganised and full of information, many have moved towards their smartphones and tablets to take down notes, draft documents, write essays and generally organise their lives. This is a society that increasingly feels the need for kindles, laptops, tablets, smartphones, Apple watches, and countless other technological devices to keep up with work, school, social lives and hobbies. Yes - that is quite a list of things to manage! So where does old fashion pens, pape and compendiums come in you might ask?

No screen in the evening:

It probably isn’t new news to you that experts ...

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Posted By charles Lew