What is a compendium?

What, at first, looks like a jazzed-up notebook has much more behind its title. The name originated from collections of knowledge often published by a specialist on a single subject. Now, compendium usually refers to these handy gadgets used to store both a group of your knowledge and a collection of tools to help you day-to-day.

Technology versus the compendium

In a world that seems increasingly disorganised and full of information, many have moved towards their smartphones and tablets to take down notes, draft documents, write essays and generally organise their lives. This is a society that increasingly feels the need for kindles, laptops, tablets, smartphones, Apple watches, and countless other technological devices to keep up with work, school, social lives and hobbies. Yes - that is quite a list of things to manage! So where does old fashion pens, pape and compendiums come in you might ask?

No screen in the evening:

It probably isn’t new news to you that experts recommend no screen time at least an hour before sleep. So, what better way to encourage this than providing some sleek branded compendiums to your students or employees; perfect for catching up on the day’s events and learnings and be ready for tomorrow.


With increasing prevalence and reliance on technology, there is a trend towards “unplugging” and taking a few hours or days off or just going cold turkey on technology. Reduce dependence on phones and tablets and go old school by providing a compendium for keeping notes.

Fewer distractions

Technology can often hinder efficiency. Although it gives the opportunity for quicker access to and sharing of information it also provides distractions from the essential tasks. Maybe one of these will relate to your students or employees (or even you):
Stressed about meeting a deadline and in search of important notes from a meeting Jill is filtering through her emails, OneNote and phone memos. Unfortunately, she is disrupted by emails, instant messages and other distractions about “important” questions which could, quite frankly, wait until later.

John opens his tablet to start taking notes and finds himself on a game he was playing last night. One quick game couldn’t hurt… Cut to the end of class, and he has listened to nothing and has no idea what the assignment is about. He’s just thankful the professor didn’t ask him a question!

The Comeback

If any of this seems even vaguely relatable, or you want your employees or students to look knowledgeable and organised, the compendium is for you. Not ready to go back to basics yet? Maybe a tablet compendium is for you; combining old school with new school!

My Top Recommendations

My top recommendations, for compendiums depend on your lifestyle. May you be working? In college? or have lots of technology that you carry around? These options may appeal to you.

Work: https://compendiumplanet.com.au/corporate-printed-compendiums-gene
School: https://compendiumplanet.com.au/bic-iconic-compendium
University: https://compendiumplanet.com.au/the-classic-compendium
Tablet: https://compendiumplanet.com.au/ipad-promotional-compendiums-red