As you move up to the ladder of success, it is only natural to have more and more responsibility. Of course, you can only expect that such responsibility comes with its share of stress. One of the things you can do to keep yourself from drowning is to make sure you have all you need to function efficiently. Surprisingly, you only need one thing to make sure you ball gets dropped, a compendium.

 Why a compendium? More than a work accessory, compendiums can be your personal assistant in more ways than one. Here are 5 things compendiums help in reducing work-related stress:

  • Schedule / Planner – some compendiums come with a weekly/monthly calendar so you can easily write down your appointments. This way, you can easily see your activity in one glance.
  • Note Taking – write down all important details about your meetings and conference calls so you can have something to review later

  • Keep Important Documents – they can hold documents relevant to a meeting you are attending and make sure they are protected from getting lost or damaged. They also have pockets where you can keep your business cards for giving away to clients and customers.
  • Keep Important Information – you can choose to write down relevant details such as contact information, email addresses, etc and have quick access to them.
  • Hold and Secure Tablet – many modern compendiums can now accommodate tablets, which have replaced laptops.