For a moment, it seemed as if the days of the paper trail were over. Everything was being computerised. Since this is the age of digital media, it made more sense to keep softcopies over hardcopies. However, even the most advanced users will appreciate that physical paper makes so much sense, especially when working on a long project. Having way too much paper can come in the way of swift work. That is where promotional compendiums come as a solution.

What is a Promotional Compendium?

A compendium is a modern, efficient package of stationery used to keep all documents within reach. Promotional compendiums are designed for a variety of uses. Not only do they hold paper but they can also store pens, USBs, tablets, rulers, phones, cards and a range of possible little items needed throughout the day. Now, with a rechargeable compendium, lifespan is extended, and they are perfect for holding iPad and tablets. Additionally, a rechargeable compendium becomes a useful and necessary tool for executives who don’t have time to carry large files or get their paperwork from assistants.

Promotional compendiums come in different packages. Getting quality compendiums that are branded with your logo show a perfect touch for business use with a personal trait. Compendiums with built-in chargers are mostly perfect for use at;

  • Tradeshows
  • Conferences and trade fairs
  • Business conventions
  • High-level meetings
  • Lectures

Using Battery Charger Padfolios on the Move

Best of all, the main reason why you should use compendiums with built-in chargers is that there is no need to worry about limited functionality. A built-in charger ensures that the user can restore power to their compendium on the go. All that is needed is an external power supply to charge before leaving the house and then you're ready to power up on the move.

Compendiums with built-in chargers come in different styles, sizes and configurations. Similarly, the price also ranges. Getting customized compendiums that come with an in-house charger is not only a bonus point but a move towards efficiency and guaranteeing that the promotional item will indeed be used for iPads and Tablets.