Professional branded compendiums, especially those made with genuine leather, are deemed as one of the most luxurious and very effective promo product in the market. These corporate organizers are still considered a necessity for their functionality. They can hold important documents, paper for writing or taking down notes, calculators, business card holders and even a computer tablet. It is essentially an alternative to carrying a bulky briefcase.

If you have one of these Branded compendiums given to you as a corporate gift, you should know how to take care of it. Consider these tips:

  • Prevention is Key – although leather is generally resilient, there are things which could mar its smooth surface such as ink or alcohol-based liquid. Be sure to keep them away from such items as well as from extreme heat and moisture. Check where you are placing your company compendium down and be sure to avoid using it as a place mat.
  • In case of damage – try to salvage your leather printed compendium by taking it to a leather specialist to have the stain cleaned or damage repaired. Do not attempt to do it yourself as you can make things worse.
  • Care and maintenance – branded compendiums are easy to care for. You simply wipe away dust and be careful when using it. Treat is as you would your other leather items. If you care for it properly, it can last for many years.