Compendiums are often connected with the business world. But what people forget is that these portfolios actually serve as a fantastic notetaking tool for personal use. Below are our top three personal compendiums.

Girl Holding Personalised Compendium

1. Journal with iPad Holder

This first compendium combines the practicality of paper with the modern ingenuity of iPads or tablets. This allows for simultaneous notetaking or the easy transfer from one medium to the other, and vice versa. Having technology and paper in one place makes all the difference. It also serves as a convenient way to safely transport your tablet device. This is not an authorised Apple product.

2. Junior Script Padfolio

This compendium takes all the best features of a regular-sized portfolio and compresses it into a lightweight and portable size. This padfolio is the perfect size to fit in your pocket so that you can always take notes on the go. And it still retains the modern chic of leather compendiums.

3. Presi Zippered Compendium

This item takes everything you love about compendiums and adds more! It features several pockets for easy storage of additional notes, cards, pens and more. To make sure everything is securely protected this compendium is made from UltraHyde material to ensure durability and longevity of use. This really takes notetaking to another level.