In this dreary weather, you may find yourself taking a lot of notes or preparing plans for when it stops raining. Consider using compendiums as your choice of journaling or use it as a gift for your clients, staff, friends, or family. Here are our top compendiums for Autumn.

Pedova Bound Custom Journals

This budget Pedova bound custom journal is perfect for your marketing campaign. It is an exclusive corporate gift made from refined Italian PU material. It comes in two sleek colours, either black or terracotta. The interior of the journal consists of a notebook, blue and silver page markers, and a pen loop. With a wide face, you can easily get this emblazoned with your unique brand or logo and turn heads at every meeting or convention.

Hamilton Logo Emblazoned A5 Leather Folders

For those of you on the move, this Hamilton logo emblazoned A5 leather folder is the choice for you. Take it everywhere you go so that you keep your notes on the fly. This smart bonded journal is made from real black leather! It features a writing pad, a pocket to hold files, a business card holder, an elastic loop for security, and a pencil. It is a great all in one combo that will help you take better notes. Get this decorated with your brand today for endless promotion.

Pablo Eco Folder/Pen

If you are looking for a sustainable option, this Pablo eco folder/pen is the compendium for you. This journal is made from 80% recycled paper and comes with 50 sheets of lined recycled paper. This is a great gift among friends, family, clients, employees, or convention attendees. Everyone needs to take notes so why not do it in an eco-positive way? This journal also comes with a free pen, a sleeve for loose-leaf files, sticky note pads, and a carry handle for easy transportation. Take your brand to the next level with this great compendium.