Logo branded compendiums may seem like a straightforward product but in actuality, they are comprised of a variety of elements. These components take compendiums to the next level! Here are the fundamental parts of custom compendiums.

Inside a Branded Compendium

Notepads and Pen Loops

Custom compendiums almost always feature notepads and pen loops. This is the greatest appeal of compendiums. This is perfect for meetings or tradeshows as you will often have to take notes in these situations. Additionally, you can switch out the notepads when they are full and replace them with a fresh set. The same applies to pens.

Pockets and Storage

The other benefit of compendiums is the fact that you can store a bunch of essential items in the numerous pockets and storage spaces. This is fantastic and necessary when you are carrying a lot of notes, stationery or even a tablet! (See our personalised tablet compendiums section.) Having everything in one convenient space will save you time and will make you appear more professional when entering a meeting.

Branded Compendium Variables

The great perk of custom compendiums is their variability. Compendiums can feature multiple zippers, USB holders, business cardholders, tablet and phone slots and a whole lot more. Never worry about forgetting anything or not having enough space as long as you carry these custom compendiums. Match your compendium with your style and tackle your workday head-on.