Even in this digital age, we all seem to have far too much paper to keep track of. And if you're presenting at a convention, trade show or even at a large meeting, there's a good chance that you're just going to give potential customers and clients more papers to deal with.

How can you help people deal with this paperwork and promote your business at the same time? That's where promotional compendiums come in. Compendiums are the stylish and functional way to keep all of your documents at your fingertips. Designed to hold paper, pens and a range of possible other items, including rulers, tablets, phones, USBs, cards and all those other little items that we need to get through the business day.

Best of all, we can print, emboss or foil emboss your organisation's logo or other branded artwork on the cover. Keep your brand visible for as long as these compendiums are in use. We also have options for bundling other promotional items in your compendiums -- choose from pens, calculators, lanyards and keyrings.

Budget Compendiums Custom Branded

Compendiums are available in a wide range of sizes, styles and configurations. From inexpensive compendiums for large trade shows or educational gatherings to deluxe compendiums for high-level meetings -- we have custom emblazoned compendiums to fit all needs and budgets.

This versatility allows you pick a compendium that is right for the attendees of the trade show where you are presenting. Pick one with a notepad and pen included, to let people make notes during your presentations. Or for a more IT-based convention, choose one with pockets for a tablet and a phone.

The best thing about compendiums is that they are just so useful, that people will use your promotional compendiums for a long time to come, keeping your brand visible in a range of contexts.