There is an art to handing out corporate gifts. Remember, you are trying to impress corporate clients and would want to make sure you continue your professional ties with them. One sure way to keeping in touch is to regularly send them corporate gifts such as Personalised Compendiums.

In the business community, compendiums are a must-have accessory as it allows for better organizing. It can be used to store your memos, contracts, calendar, business cards, calculator and even your computer tablet. It is smaller than a briefcase of bag and yet any business man can function much more efficiently with a compendium by his side.

A trick of the trade is to make sure your Printed Compendiums are personalised with subtle and classy artwork. You can print your name or logo or have them embossed for a more elegant look and feel. There are several materials to choose from as well as different sizes and you can discuss with your promotional products supplier which works for your budget and preferences.