In a world where convenience trumps style and design, it is not surprising that compendiums have managed to stay on as an important business accessory. Despite its smaller size, compendiums have become an indispensable part, unlike the briefcase.

Short History of the Briefcase

The name “briefcase” was derived from the fact that the bags were commonly used by lawyers and contain briefs for presenting to the court. In time, the practice was adopted by businesspeople for carrying important documents. The said bags were available in several types including portfolio, folio case and attaché case.

The Modern Compendium


With business people preferring to have a copy of their important documents in digital format and storing them in portable devices such as compact discs and USB flash drives, the need for a relatively huge bag became obsolete. Hence, the popularity of the compendiums. 

Today, carrying a compendium is more than enough to get you through a day of meetings or conferences. It can accommodate all the essentials including notepads, pens, calling cards and calculators. It even functions as a carrying case for iPads and other tablets. They are compact in size and a lot lighter as well. All that is left to do is to brand them with your business logo.