Leather is a great product and the epitome of luxury. Leather makes a great compendium outer material because it repels moisture and offers a soft yet sturdy outer layer of production for your important documents. However, like all premium items, leather compendiums require care to ensure that they last for many years into the future. Here are a few key tips from our team to yours!

  • Keep your leather compendium away from oils and grease as these can damage the finish of your folio.

  • Clean your leather compendium only with leather cleaners and protectants designed specifically for leather products.

  • Don't leave your leather folio out in direct sunlight or damp weather, as this can damage its finish.

  • Don't store your leather compendium in plastic as it has a drying effect on natural leather materials.

  • If you spill something on your compendium, clean away immediately with a lightly dampened cloth. If it requires deeper cleaning, as above use only an approved leather cleaner.

if you stick with these basic tips, your compendium will enjoy a long office life. If you're not sure about any specific methods for cleaning or storing your compendiums, chat to our sales team and they'll give you some advice direct from the factory.