Technology has certainly taken over our daily life and made it a lot more convenient. Of course, our constant reliance on these gadgets is certainly understandable --- that us until they ran out of battery power. In business, this is not a good thing and for this reason, some choose to still do their organizing the old fashioned way with a compendium.


With no switch to turn on or information to sync with your other gadgets, compendiums are very effective in providing you with all information regarding your day-to-day activities in one glance. Plus, it would certainly be easier to write things down on the accompanying notebook and pencil in appointments and other schedules.


For this reason, promotional compendiums are among the best corporate gifts you can hand out to customers, clients and employees. Printed with your corporate logo or name, these compendiums are highly valued and can even be given as a prize for excellence in the work place. Leather compendiums are quite impressive particularly since leather, especially the real one, symbolizes luxury and affluence and would be appreciated by your top clients.