While there are alternative branding methods such as digital printing and laser engraving (for metal badge areas), when it comes to branding on compendiums generally people opt for either pad printing or embossing (debossing). But which of these popular customisation solutions suits you? First off it's worth considering what each method involves.

Pad printing transfers ink to the surface of your compendium.You can opt for vibrant colours or PMS match to your standard logo colours for this method.

Embossing involves impressing your logo directly into the compendium's material so that an imprint remains permanently on your folio exrerior.

If you're working with a budget then pad printing is often the most economical option and it is certainly something worth considering if you're looking for a bold, colourful look. Pad printing does wear off after extended use over time however, so if you have that little extra in your budget and would like a permanent, premium look then embossing might be the way to go.

Still unsure? The best course of action is to have a chat with your friendly sales consultant to see if they can advise you as to a method that suits your logo and product best. They can also arrange for samples and virtual mock ups to ensure you know exactly what your compendium will be like.