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Why You Need Promotional Compendiums

Monday, 5 November 2018 2:23:09 PM Australia/Sydney

Compendiums are by far one of the most useful office products for protecting your paperwork. As often overlooked as these things are, there is no getting away from the paper trail. Well, here are some reasons why you should invest in custom branded compendiums today.

Why you should buy promotional compendiums

Personalised Compendiums For You

I have always found that no matter how many times emails are sent through, there are always pieces of loose but vital pieces of information rolling around in your desk drawers. When a paper like this is put into a drawer or a filing cabinet, for me this is where they stay. The adage of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ is so true in this situation, but as soon as you put this into a compendium, the folder stays on your desk, and when you need it all your information is there. Our mid-range compendiums are a great way to ensure that your folder will stick around for a long time, without having to kill your budget

A Great Idea For Your Clients

Compendiums make a great gift for clients. There is no way ...

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Different Ways to Use Personalised Compendiums

Tuesday, 21 August 2018 3:58:46 PM Australia/Sydney

When I was a kid, almost every time my Dad would go to conferences he would come back with a bunch of branded goodies. He would have so many that we would pass them on to his us kids, and with me being the youngest of four, I would always end up with something- let’s face it- lame.

When my siblings got older and started to care about the branding on their bags and water bottles, it was my time for the conference cool stuff. Rulers that had calculators in them, stress balls shaped like cars, radios that were built into a watch; I was easily amused.

But above it all, I will remember this compendium that I got one day. It was leather, with pouches for cards, pockets for loose paper, straps for pens and a blank pad attached to the right-hand side, not unlike the Sophie Leather Compendium. This thing was kind of cool. It may have become my new pencil case and book holder in school because I liked it so much, but what I liked most about it was how useful it became.

My compendium became a staple...

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