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Different Ways to Use Personalised Compendiums

Tuesday, 21 August 2018 3:58:46 PM Australia/Sydney

When I was a kid, almost every time my Dad would go to conferences he would come back with a bunch of branded goodies. He would have so many that we would pass them on to his us kids, and with me being the youngest of four, I would always end up with something- let’s face it- lame.

When my siblings got older and started to care about the branding on their bags and water bottles, it was my time for the conference cool stuff. Rulers that had calculators in them, stress balls shaped like cars, radios that were built into a watch; I was easily amused.

But above it all, I will remember this compendium that I got one day. It was leather, with pouches for cards, pockets for loose paper, straps for pens and a blank pad attached to the right-hand side, not unlike the Sophie Leather Compendium. This thing was kind of cool. It may have become my new pencil case and book holder in school because I liked it so much, but what I liked most about it was how useful it became.

My compendium became a staple...

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Posted By jacob jacob

Why Buy Personalised Compendium Folios?

Wednesday, 20 June 2018 10:14:41 AM Australia/Sydney

A comment we often hear from people outside the industry is "Don't people these days just do everything digitally, why would they need a customised compendium?" It turns out that although modern business people are connected online, they still engage in physical note-taking and appreciate the convenience of a personalised folio they can use to transport not just their notes, but any tablets or USB drives they might also have as part of their role. This is where modern promotional compendiums come in.

Modern Business Owners Need Compendiums

Corporate Branded Portfolios Are Still Relevant

Because compendiums are constantly being upgraded and adjusted to suit current industry requirements, they're actually on the cutting edge when it comes to providing a buffet of handy business features. Our range of Promotional Tablet Portfolios, for example, include great features such as;

  • Secure pockets to hold tablets and smartphones
  • Loops for USB thumb drives as well as pens
  • Power bank charging elements in select, luxury folios so you can boos...
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Posted By yoshe yoshe