There are certain promotional products being welcomed for corporate, customised compendium is always one of the popular options. It’s simply because of its functionality that your employee can carry everything in one folder and your branding which is highly exposed while travelling. What a fantastic idea.

Customised compendium comes in various materials such as leather, PU leather, nylon, non-woven and microfiber. It’s also available in different styles: open folder, zippered, handled etc. You might wonder how to choose an appropriate design for your employee, upcoming event or client among all of these options. Here are some tips and suggestions.   

Leather compendium:
Real leather compendium is the most premium compendium option with a comparably high price. It is the most durable material and lasts for years. When choosing corporate gifts for awarded staff, executives or highly appreciated clients, branded leather compendium should definitely be your first choice. Why? Simply because of its quality and genuine presentation. By adding a small feature of your own logo or artwork, you have further promoted your company brand to all recipients. Bonded leather compendium is another option within this range but costs lower. If you love natural material products but only have a limited budget, getting bonded leather compendium is a compromised but smart choice.

PU leather compendium:
As its name, this compendium option is leather-look only. Benefit is that it costs a lot lower than leather ones yet still maintains a quality appearance. PU leather compendium is highly recommended as an in-corporate self-promotion item. Consider if staff need this personalised compendium with zipper or handle to cope with their day-to-day office use. It’s a great give-away gift also for conferences.

Nylon and Microfiber Compendium: 
Nylon and microfiber compendium is a fantastic compendium option for those who travelling a lot, as it’s easy to clean and light in weight. It also holds more files than leather compendium as this material is stretchable. Price differs a lot from leather or PU leather compendiums, that unit price can be more than halved. If considering customised compendiums as a promotional product, nylon or microfiber compendium is definitely a perfect go when your budget is limited.

Customised compendium can be supplied in several sizes, materials and designs. It can be printed, laser engraved, embossed, gold stapled and blind embossed. Why not considering personalised compendiums for your upcoming event? It surely will be an awesome and appreciated gift.