These days it's more important than ever to be organised and in control of your work day. What better way to get a corporate individual organised than the presentation of a complete compendium? A promotional compendium is perfect to store all necessary documents and stationery items to help make it easier for professionals to be organised.

Components of a Promotional Compendium

A compendium is an excellent gift of choice as it is far from boring and in the office, a gift that is in line with most people’s daily priorities and requirements. So what exactly does a standard compendium contain? Well, depending on the profession, the contents of a compendium is usually the same. The most difference being in the material used for the compendium cover.

What Is Inside a Branded Compendium?

A standard compendium in the corporate world consists of the compendium cover, a book or set of books, and pens. At times, compendiums can be advanced and have calculators, rulers, business card and accessory holders. Nowadays, there are compendiums styled to fit smartphones and tablets. Here are some examples to take into consideration.

Turin A4 promotional Compendium — this is an executive styled A4 compendium manufactured out of high-grade Italian PU that will be excellent for corporate professionals. The compendium comes with a lined A4 notepad, pen loop, several business cards and accessory holders. It is available for bulk order and has a twist to it; the cover has a grey interior with subtle white stitching.

Red Arrow Compendiums — this premium red full-grain leather compendium is quite classy and undeniably unique. It is the perfect compendium for those who love personalised items. Additionally, there is a chance to get the order branded using de-bossing or foil stamping.

There are a whole lot of compendiums. They come in different sizes, colours and shapes. It is now possible to get an order for compendiums as gifts and have the order personalised.