One of the most overlooked pieces of promotional material avalible is the Compendium. Compendiums allow you to carry pens, books, a notepad and a calculator all at the same time! Here are the reasons why you should think about getting a compendium for every student in your school.


Promotional Compendiums are Practical

There is often this stigma against compendiums, and they are seen to be reserved for exectutives and government workers only. The problem with this thinking is that the true poential of having all of your information in one easily place is astonishingly useful, and should be something that should be utalised as much as possible. Carrying all of your notes is not an easy task, they get crushed and folded 1000 times in your bag and binders are incredibly bulky. The traditional 3 ring binder has it's use, but given enough time the plastic sleeves will rip and you will have to buy everything all over again. Being able to put all of your information in one safe place that also carries your pens and calculator is a godsend.


Organisation is Key to Learning

Being able to keep organised is one of the key learning elements that you need to develop during schooling. If you develop the habit of keeping notes, books and information in one centralised place, you will develop the skills needed to transfer over into the workforce. I was never an organised kid. I took was that kid that used one book for all of his subjects, and when it came time for the teachers to review your works books, I would have to scramble to give them something to review! This disorganisation was such a difficult habit to get out of, that when it eventually came time for high school and the HSC I had to do everything I could to break the habit, and form something more productive.


Promotional Compendiums are a Marketing Goldmine.

So, you have gotten your students into the habit of using a compendium, and you are wanting to show the world that your school is the one that gave the mto tools to better their life. Branding. After all, a school is a brand and getting student who are successful to show their pride in your establishment is something that will fuel more students and keep the educational ball rolling! Personalising your compendiums is a stamp of approval that will carry through amd make sure that your school is given the recognition for the great work it does.

If I knew that throughout my degree, being able to keep track of every little handout that was given was easy as a compendium, those years would have been so much less stressful! So do yourself a favour and get your kids organised this year with a custom branded compendium.