With school and university resuming in a couple of weeks, now is the time to invest in promotional compendiums for studying! As a student, taking notes can be quite difficult when your notepads are unorganised. Consider gifting custom compendiums to aid studying and get your brand known in 2020.

Compendium Options for Students

Tablet A5 Personalised Compendium

This large compendium is perfect for university students. It blends the ability to take notes on the tablet and draw on the paper, or vice versa. This item also ensures the safety and security of your tablet whilst being wrapped in a premium leather strap. This compendium has ample room for notes and even a section for pens and cards. Think of your embossed logo on this compendium. Its mobility around the university campus is bound to get your brand noticed.

Promotional Bertrand Notepads

If you are looking for an elegant notepad without any gimmicks, the Bertrand Notepad is just for you. Its sleek design features 80 lined pages with a unique elastic closure (which ...

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