The main component of all our products here at Compendium Planet is leather. Leather gives any accessory a luxurious look and feel, durability, and you an elegant appearance. Whether your item is made with genuine, or fake or faux leather you’ll want to keep it functional and looking brand new. So how do you maintain that fresh, elegant look? Here are our top tips to care for your leather compendium.

Moisturize with Oil and Conditioner

Much like our skin, all types of leather need healthy, conditioning moisture. So while we need to keep our leather dry, we don’t want it to get too dry. What happens when leather get too dry? The fibres in the material break instead of stretching. This is especially true for fake or faux leathers, which against popular belief are less durable than genuine leathers. Once the fibres begin to break you will see cracks on the surface and these cannot be fixed.

When applying any type of care product, a less visible patch of the material should be tested 24 hours prior to ensure there aren’t any undesired effects.

Apply Oil

Many types of oil when applied to leather will create a protective barrier from moisture zapping UV sun rays.

Apply Conditioner or Polish

Dozens of products are available in the market for leather products. When applied, such products will keep the fibres soft and supple. Other benefits include forming a protective barrier against water and against scuffs or scratches.

Keep Leather Dry

If you get caught in the rain or spill coffee at your desk, it’s possible to damage especially genuine leather by getting it too wet. When this happens, allow ample time for your compendium to dry completely and slowly. Speediness in drying is more harmful to the material, regular room temperature air is best.

Clean Spots Gently

The best way to remove dirt and dust from leather is warm water and gentle wiping. Use of standard household soaps and chemical cleaning products is much too harsh, but more importantly will have too much of a drying effect afterwards if a moisturizing product is not used. Don’t forget to be gentle! High pressure can damage or remove the finish.

Removing Ink

When it comes to stains, warm water won’t work. There are many different tips for removing stains like pen ink from leather on the internet. No matter which method you choose, remember our first few tips to let it dry naturally and replace the moisture.

Protect from Sun and Severe Temperatures

The sun’s UV rays effect the molecules in the fibres, which can lead to cracking or bubbling of the finish. Severe heat or cold work similarly so it’s best to not expose leather for too long.

Don’t Overstuff

Leather, specifically genuine, stretches but does not stretch back. So it’s best to avoid adding too many papers or items to your compendium.

All Room to Breathe

Back to our first tip, a well moisturised leather needs air and ventilation for the moisture to move and spread naturally through the fibres.