Being organised is key to productivity. When it comes to organising one’s workplace, age and profession don’t matter much. The key to the matter is that being organised is the equivalent of ‘a stitch in time saves nine.’ Owning a compendium is an excellent way of making sure that you keep your workstation organised, with the option of being able to carry some of the stationery while being mobile.

promotional compendiums for organisation

The advantage of owning and using a compendium is that they come with class and status. We offer you a wide selection of compendiums to select from, and these are not just for stationery. With an option of customising, you can select a compendium for your electronic gadgets such as tablets and iPads. Here is a look at some of our classy compendiums to help make your selection process easier and faster.

  • The Red iPad Promotional Compendiums: these are perfect for anyone looking to add a dash of colour and still remains in style for everyday office use. Made out of luxurious top grain smooth Nappa cow leather, this compendium is perfect for iPads and provides sturdy support to use as a stand on top of a desk

  • Madison Corporate Leather Compendium: available in an A4 size, these compendiums easily become indispensible for anyone in the corporate industry. There is a large assortment compartment inside the stealth leather cover. Available in solid plain black, this compendium is a classic that easily stands the taste of time.

  • Olympia Colour Curve Padfolio: a beautiful padfolio that is excellent for tablet owners. This padfolio comes with enough space to occupy an H-size writing pad and a pen. There is also an exterior pocket that can store several business cards. The unique elastic corners can easily move to make way for different sized tablets. This curve padfolio can fit almost any tablet of any size.

Compendiums have become a lifestyle. They are the new briefcases! Since everyone strives to be organised while looking classy and trendy, compendiums are the preferred organisers.