Compendiums are by far one of the most useful office products for protecting your paperwork. As often overlooked as these things are, there is no getting away from the paper trail. Well, here are some reasons why you should invest in custom branded compendiums today.

Why you should buy promotional compendiums

Personalised Compendiums For You

I have always found that no matter how many times emails are sent through, there are always pieces of loose but vital pieces of information rolling around in your desk drawers. When a paper like this is put into a drawer or a filing cabinet, for me this is where they stay. The adage of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ is so true in this situation, but as soon as you put this into a compendium, the folder stays on your desk, and when you need it all your information is there. Our mid-range compendiums are a great way to ensure that your folder will stick around for a long time, without having to kill your budget

A Great Idea For Your Clients

Compendiums make a great gift for clients. There is no way around it. When you have a new client, there is often a lot of information that they should know, and you often give out a packet of things to keep in mind. To show that you do matter to your business, rather than the standard manila folders, your clients will appreciate the thought and care you have put into keeping them around if you hand them a custom branded compendium instead. Our range of premium compendiums is a great option to have in your back pocket for a high-level investor. 

Help Your New Starters Stay Organised

Nothing is harder than when you start a new job, and you inundated with manuals and codes and documents of the new business, and you want to make sure that you keep all this pristine in case you ever need it. If you were handed this information in a personalised compendium, you would instantly have the feeling that you are taken care of in your job. Our budget compendiums are perfect for a new starter to keep everything in place.

So have a look at our range and see if there is a compendium that you can see your business branding, to show that you care.