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Pad Printed Compendiums

Pad printing is a process which can be used to emblazon your logo onto a compendium.  This branding process works on all 3 types of materails used in the construction of a typical compendium which are:

-  Leather
-  Imitation Leather
-  Fabric (sometimes called microfiber)

Pad printing is a versatile print process.  It is the most popular way to emblazon your brand name onto a compendium.  The reason why it is so popular is because it has a lot of advantages such as:


-  Low In Cost
-  Allows for Spot Colours In Branding
-  Simple and quick to brand
-  Great end results

However with pad printing there are a few things about this branding  method which are not as good as other brand methods such as engraving.  Some of the disadvantages of pad printing include:


-  Only spot colours mean full colour effects are generally not possible
-  Ink can be chipped off if the logo is scratched or if the branding area receives a hard impact
-  Ink coverage is not as strong as say Foil sublimation