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Screen Printed Compendiums

Screen printing on compendiums is a branding process that gives a great result which is similar to pad printing.  Screen printing can allow for larger than usual branding sizes at no additional cost.  Its a very time trusted method of branding with the earliest screen printing methods documented to have originated from China hundreds of years ago.

So what is Screen printing?

Much like what the name implies it simply involves a screen where your logo is etched.  Ink is then dragged across the surface of the screen.  The etched logo is thus transferred onto the compendiums surface.  Even with modern techniques the actual printing itself essentially unchanged over the years.

What is the advantage of Screen Printing on Compendiums?

1)  Large print surfaces
2)  Low Cost
3)  Enables bright cheery spot colour prints
4)  Established and popular print methods

What is the disadvantage of Screen printing on Compendiums?

1)  Full Colour prints are not possible
2)  The logo can be scratched off if they are scratched hard enough
3)  Solid colour coverage is not as good as foil printing methods

To find out more about using this branding method on your compendium why dont you call us or email us today!